Pros and cons of using a leather messenger bag.

Pros and cons of using a leather messenger bag.

The leather messenger bags are one of the most popular choices for bags that you will find over the globe. These have a timeless appeal and matchless elegance. While it is hard to find the right leather messenger bag that is within your budget and also suits your requirements, there are numerous choices available to you in the market as these bags come in a variety of style and design. Here, we will take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of using these bags.


The benefits of using such bags include:

• Most of the people see leather as first choice material and prefer it over other choices. It is because, although these bags can get a bit expensive, especially if you purchase one that is manufactured using high end leather, you have a long time of service from them. They are strong and durable and have ability to withstand tough use. Moreover, it won’t catch dirt easily.

• With the passage of time, most of the materials will rust and lose their looks. Usually, in first years or so, the bag you purchase will start fading away and lose its elegance. However, with leather, things are a bit different. Quality leather gets better with age. It becomes softer and attains a refined look which helps it in achieving a vintage appearance. Also, some manufacturers state that genuine and high quality leather is the best and most elegant material available in the market that is used for manufacturing products.


The drawbacks to using leather products include:

• The high quality leather bags tend to catch water and if you are caught up in the rain you will have to dry the bag quickly. No appropriate chemical treatment is available and they absorb water a lot faster as compared to the waxed canvas. Although some chemical treatments are available, they would end up damaging the patina of the leather that will take away its vintage look from it.

• The leather bags are known as sturdy and durable but in case that you end up damaging it, they are very hard to repair. You will need a professional to do the necessary stitching and can’t just pick up a needle and thread to fix up and do the repair which is usually the case with most of the canvas bags. So, you might have to pay hefty repair amount if you end up damaging your bag.

Final words

So, these are some benefits and drawbacks of using leather messenger bags. You might see people use the canvas messenger bag which is another good choice and is the biggest rival of these bags. They are tagged as a versatile choice and are lighter as well as easy to carry. However, they do have their downsides as well. Thus, make sure that you evaluate your options and choose the bag wisely. Don’t just go out in the market and buy a random bag because it was appealing. Do your homework before you purchase any bag.