All Season Goose down Comforter

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All Season Goose down Comforter

  • Baffle box construction: Baffle walls for maximum loft / boxes to prevent content from shifting
  • White goose down: Canadian processed down ensures the highest quality & fresh fill
  • Hypo allergenic: Anti-Microbial process used to eliminate bacteria
  • Guaranteed quality: Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 20 Years
  • Filled in Canada with domestic and/or imported materials


Product Description
This duvet is filled with care in Canada. The cotton shell is a 360 thread count, so it is soft and quiet. The duvet is filled with 650 loft goose down. Down fill is soft and luxurious, made up of tiny, fluffy clusters. This duvet is fairly lightweight, but you'll find this duvet contains more fill than a duvet with 700 or 850 lofts down. This is because the higher the loft of the down, the better the insulating properties, and the less of it we need to achieve the desired warmth level! Conversely, you'll find it has less fill than a duvet with 550 or 575 lofts down.

Summer Weight is great for hot sleepers or room temperatures are 22 degrees C or higher. Opt for Regular Weight if your room temperature is around 19 – 21 degrees C or if you’re fairly warm when you sleep. All Season Weight is best if your room temperature is 16 – 18 degrees C or if you’re a cooler sleeper. Winter Weight works best for very cold room temperatures. This duvet is one of only two duvets offered in Winter Weight!



Product Details
  • Cover Material: 100% Cotton
  • Fill Material: Goose Down
  • Product Care: Professional / Dry Clean Only
  • Construction: Baffle Box Stitch
  • Fill Warmth: All Season


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