Baby Saliva Towel

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This baby saliva towel is suitable for mother and child, and it can help to absorb more baby's saliva, and avoid the wet of baby's clothes. It is also convenient to carry when you are outside, just take a small square scarf.


Name: 6-layer embroidered square scarf set
Product category: Saliva towel
Applicable gender: Neutral/male and female
Made of: Cotton
Composition: Cotton
Applicable age: Baby clothes (0-1 years old), toddler clothes (1-3 years old), children's clothes (4-6 years old)
Function: Water absorption

Colour :

A: Embroidered square scarf with white background (5 bags),
B: Vegetal dyed text embroidered square scarf (5 bags),
C: White background pattern embroidery square (5 bags),
D: Vegetal dyed pattern embroidery square scarf (5 bags),
E: White background scarf with happy mouse embroidery square (5 bags),
F: White background Xueba Mavericks embroidery square scarf (5 bags),
G: White gift box calf (5 bags),
H: White background sports calf (5 bags),
I: Vegetal dyed calf embroidery square scarf (5 bags),
J: 3 packs of white embroidered square scarf bags (washing face + washing butt + bathing),
K: Ice cream colored seersucker square (6 bags)),
L: Single flower square scarf Penguin mother set 5 bags,
M: Single flower square scarf happy animal combination 5 bags,
N: Single flower square scarf riding baby elephant combination 5 bags,
O: Single flower square scarf magic castle combination 5 bags,
P: Single flower square scarf avocado family combination 5 bags,


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