Dry Hair Towel

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A hair towel is an essential part of your beauty and grooming routine, but you didn't know that it could be so important to how you feel every morning. With the Dry Me! hair towel, it doesn't matter if your locks are straight or curly, if you twist, braid or roll them. The fabric won't tangle and holds up well with extended use- perfect for everyday use. Composed of high quality 80/20 polyester/polyamide fiber (nylon) and punctuated with small daisy embroidery style, the fabric dries quickly and absorbs excess water leaving your hair smooth and


Material: Coral Fleece
Color: small daisy embroidery style navy blue, small daisy embroidery style turmeric, small daisy embroidery style light blue, small daisy embroidery style light pink, ordinary style navy blue, ordinary style turmeric, ordinary style light blue, ordinary style light pink
Specification (length * width cm): 25*65±2
Main ingredient content: 80
Minor component: polyamide fiber (nylon
Main component: polyester fiber (polyester)
Minor component content: 20

Packing list:

Shower cap X1


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