Lavender Soft Absorbent Bath Towel

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Bring the luxury of comfort home with our Lavender Soft Absorbent Bath Towel. This luxurious towel is made from 100% cotton, which ensures a soft and smooth texture that is long-lasting and fun to use. Brimming with a rich texture, it highlights the quality of your life and the details of your personal preferences.


1. The loops are full and fluffy, arranged evenly and orderly, smooth and delicate, long-lasting soft and smooth, with good habits.
2. Exquisite hemming process, tight and uniform routing, strong and durable, away from the trouble of running
3. Exquisite rectangular design, rich texture, compact and reliable, strong three-dimensional effect, comfortable to use, highlighting the quality of life.


Material: Cotton
Gram weight: 380g
Main ingredient: Cotton
Color classification: White, purple

Features: Using natural cotton fabric, delicate and soft, environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free.




Specification (length * width cm): 70*140




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