Magic Microfiber Hair Towel

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The bath towel is 100% pure microfiber made up of ultrafine composite fiber material with a button, and has an elastic band to prevent slipping over the hair. When you take a shower, elastic design firmly locks arms in place, giving you the freedom to clean your face and body comfortably--in the bath or on the road. It is compact and lightweight to carry around wherever you go. It is great to have it in hand on picnics, camping, swimming, and so on. Makeup: The cloth absorbs water faster than other towels do so that you can wait for it to dry quickly after use


100% new high quality 

Color: Pink, blue, gray, camel 

Material: Microfiber 

Features: Ultra-fine composite fiber material with button fastening. 

When you take a shower, your hair won't slip. Extremely easy to use! The Quick Magic Dry Hair Cap is perfect for everyday use at home, in the gym and on the go. It is a good assistant for bathing, makeup, and washing your face. Suitable for all hair types and lengths. Use a blower to seriously damage your beautiful hair. The dry cap absorbs moisture from the hair. This is the softest and most destructive method of dry long hair. The product contains: 1* bath towel


Size: about 25x65cm 



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