Styish Microfiber Bath Towel

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Styish Bath Towel


These towels are made of special materials, the use of finer texture than ordinary towels, more soft and comfortable touch. Microfiber is a kind of material that belongs to natural fibers. It can be worn directly on the body when cleaning with water, it is dry and clean without the addition of detergent. This microfiber towel can be used to clean cell phones and other hard-to-reach areas, or to quickly remove dust from small electronic accessories. When it is wet, it can also replace cosmetics for face cleanups during your daily care.


Material: Microfiber

This product has a wide range of applications:
⒈Home textiles (no scratches or residues after wiping).
2. Advanced glass cleaning materials.
3. High-end furniture cleaning materials.
4. Advanced metal jewelry cleaning materials.
5. High-end car cleaning materials (no scratches after wiping), can also be used for car film, beauty.
6. TV, computer screen cleaning materials (dust removal, anti-static).
7. Floor cleaning materials.
8. Kitchen cleaning materials (rags).
9. Toilet cleaning materials.
10. Highly absorbent cleaning towels (warp-knitted, weft-knitted), wipe with water after washing the face.
11. Wipe the towel with high-grade absorbent.
12. Beauty cleansing material to absorb residual dirt in pores.
13. Advanced shower caps, bathrobes (warp and weft knitting), pet bath towels.


Size: 70x140cm



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