Stylish 4pcs Boxer Shorts - underwear, Color - B2

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Stylish 4pcs Boxer Shorts - underwear, Color - B2 - 
We've got you covered in more ways than one! These boxer shorts are designed in the BONITOS classic fashion mixed with a touch of fun.Boxer shorts are used for every day wear under your favorite jeans or as everyday briefs for sleep and lounging. Boxer briefs create a modern silhouette with full-coverage comfort and maximum support. All boxers are soft, lightweight, stretchy and feature a cotton rich blend. They are made to be durable and long-lasting.


Our size S=Russia size 44-46   = European size S
Our size M=Russia size 46-48  = European size M
Our size L=Russia size 48-50    = European size L
Our size XL=Russia size 50-52  = European size XL
Our size XXL=Russia size 52-54 = European size XXL


Our size S=Russia size 44-46=European size S<;br/>Our size M=Russia size 46-48=European size M<;br/>Our size L=Russia size 48-50=European size L<;br/>Our size XL=Russia size 50-52=European size XL<;br/>Our size XXL=Russia size 52-54=European size XXL<;br/>* If you are not sure about the size please contact us<;br/>BONITOS SIZE CHART<;br/>Our Size<;br/>S M L XL<;br/>XXL<;br/>Russia Size<;br/>44-46<;br/>46-48<;br/>48-50<;br/>50-52<;br/>52-54<;br/>European Size<;br/>S M L XL<;br/>XXL<;br/>Fit boby waist(cm)<;br/>70-80<;br/>80-90<;br/>90-100<;br/>100-110<;br/>110-120<;br/>Fit boby waist(inch)<;br/>28&quot;-31&quot;<;br/>32&quot;-35&quot;<;br/>36&quot;-39&quot;<;br/>40&quot;-43&quot;<;br/>44&quot;-46&quot;<;br/>Flat measure (cm)<;br/>A.Waist width(cm)<;br/>34<;br/>36.5<;br/>39<;br/>41.5<;br/>44<;br/>B.Hip width(cm)<;br/>38<;br/>40<;br/>43<;br/>45<;br/>47<;br/>C.Outside length(cm)<;br/>26.5<;br/>27.5<;br/>28.5<;br/>30.5<;br/>32.5

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