Stylish 4Pcs Underwear Ice Silk- Breathable

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Stylish 4Pcs Underwear Ice Silk- Breathable - These stylish underwear come in various colors to fit any wardrobe. They are lightweight and breathable to keep you dry and comfortable. They feature a wide-edge high elasticity that provides double-sided resilience, long-durability, and prevents it from streaking or binding.




1【Daily duration and smooth touch】Non-sense oxygen combed cotton

2 [antibacterial aerobic respiration] light, breathable, cool feel

3 [Antibacterial and moisture-conducting] The large private space is equipped with an antibacterial crotch, which is free and dry

4 [wide-edge high-elasticity] double-sided resilience, long-lasting wear without streaks, fit and do not go out of place

5 [Improve moisture and breathability] Quickly absorb sweat on the surface of the skin, dry and frictionless

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