Towel Bath Square 3pc

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Towel Bath Square 3pc


The beautiful bath towel keeps you warm, tile floor wet after taking a hot shower, while quickly dry off and easy to clean. With its compact size and weight, portability, can be easily stored in your luggage, put it in the mouth of the bag or bag. The use of high-quality fabrics, soft wash cloth good glossiness, anti-static comfortable texture. In addition to travel friendly, using cotton fabric can not bethe same by hand to make towels, soaking in the bathroom after drying off the water is particularly fast away. Of course... no matter what kind of people are interested in these items?


Ingredient content: Fabric: 100% cotton
Product details: bath towel*1 towel*1 square towel*1 packaging*1


Square scarf size: 34*34cm
Towel size: 34*74cm
Bath towel specifications: 70* 140cm


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